Foods that Lower Cholesterol are Foods that Lower Blood Pressure

Foods that Lower Cholesterol are Foods that Lower Blood Pressure Low cholesterol is always associated with low blood pressure. Therefore, foods that lower cholesterol are foods that lower blood pressure. These foods are the healthy foods full of nutrients needed for a healthier and stronger body which help keep the body systems working smoothly.

What are these foods? These are unsaturated fats, fiber, omega 3 fatty acids and low calorie foods Unsaturated fats

Foods that contain unsaturated fats are muscle building foods. These foods aids in transmission of nerves, promotes over all cell health and assists in the proper functioning of the hormones. Foods with high contents of unsaturated fats are fresh avocado and avocado oil, flaxseed, olives and olive oil, peanuts, raw nuts, sesame seeds and sesame oil, lin seeds and lin seed oils, herring, almonds, cashew nuts, hazel nuts, pine nuts, soybeans, macadamia, walnuts, pistachio, vegetables, pecans, salmon and corn. Foods which contain unsaturated fats contain high estrogen level which does not only lower blood pressure but helps in the enlargement of women’s breast especially in their teenage years.

Fiber Fiber is important for normal bowel function. Our body needs both soluble and insoluble fiber to maintain good health. With more fiber food intake daily, it can promote a full feeling after eating, lowers our energy consumption, lowers the incidence of constipation, hemorrhoids and other intestinal tract problems, lowers the risk of bacterial infection within the appendix, helps stimulate digestive tract muscles to maintain health and tone and greatly lowers chances of getting colon cancer. These fiber foods include bananas, beans, berries, bran cereals, bread, broccoli, Brussels sprout, carrots, dried figs, fruits, green beans, greens, lentils, lima beans, peas, potatoes and sweet corn.

Omega3 fatty acids foodsOmega 3 fatty acids foods reduces the risks of heart attacks and strokes, lowers blood pressure, lowers bad cholesterol, improves memory and vision, enhances brain health as well as general mood, helps in the proper development of the unborn child, improves verbal ability, comprehension and hand eye coordination of the child and helps to lower deadly inflammation in the body which are the root cause of various deadly diseases. Cold water fish like salmon, hoki and mackerel are the best sources of omega 3 fatty acids.

Low calorie foodsLow calorie foods are beneficial to the eye, the bone growth and repair and hair and nails growth. These foods are important in preventing heart attacks, heart failure, strokes and breast cancer. These foods soothe the digestive tract and promote digestion as well as constipation. They are also good for weight loss. These low calorie foods include beans mung dried boiled, beans runner boiled, broccoli, Brussels sprouts, canderel sweetener, cottage cheese low fat, fish any white fresh poached, fromage frais, hunts bitter lemon drink, hunts bitter Ginger ale drink, hunts bitter orange drink, lentils, macaroni (boiled),mayonnaise weight watchers, muesli sugar-free, noodles (boiled), pasta ( normal boiled ),pasta (whole meal boiled ),peas chick boiled, porridge oats (with water),potatoes (boiled),rice (white long grain),rice ( Brown ), spaghetti (boiled), tofu and yogurt.

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