Knowledge And Understanding About Diabetes On account of metabolic disorder when your body stop producing or using insulin then it is known as diabetes. Insulin is a hormone that does the work of converting sugar, food and starches into energy. For healthy lifestyle body is required to maintain optimum level of blood glucose with the combination of insulin and glucagon. For producing energy glucagon hormone releases glucose from liver to the blood streams. Few common symptoms of diabetes include continuous feeling of hunger and thirst, drowsiness, quick exhaustion and weight loss. Most common symptom of diabetes is slow healing of wounds and possible anaemia.

Diet schedule and type of food you are taking daily play prime role in controlling diabetes . Overeating leading to obesity is one of the main causes of this disease. You should avoid taking more than required quantity of sugar as it is greatly responsible for this disease in people. Sometimes is can also be on account of hereditary factors. Food containing high sugar like cookies, ice cream, some soft drinks and sweets are very harmful for diabetic people. If you are suffering from diabetes then you should keep yourself away from taking white sugar. If …

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Happiness Hangover There are endless seminars, workshops and techniques about touting their benefits to bring us a happy life. Happiness seminars abound. While it is true that we live in very unhappy times and it seems quite reasonable to find ways to bring happiness into our societies I fear that the quick fix methods will only have superficial results at the least and at the most plunge people further into despair. I recently spoke to a gentleman who was on a quest to find happiness and had just attended his 20th workshop on happiness. He travels the width and breadth of the country in search of the magic formula. In a sense, he had become a happiness junkie getting on a high during a seminar then crashing down in a heap soon after with a happiness hangover. I would have found it quite amusing if it had not been for the look of utter despair on his face.

Many people are looking to Buddhism as a path to happiness. The Buddha has given us a well-trodden path to supreme and abiding happiness in a well tried and tested method used by countless folk down through the last two millenniums. However, …

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Tips on Baby Constipation Treatment Your newborn baby will pass out stools that are soft and dark green for the first few days of his new life. Later on your newborn baby will have regular bowel movements that are lighter in color. Regular bowel movements for the newborn baby usually start from the third day onwards. If your baby is still passing out the dark and hard stools by the fourth or fifth day he might be having newborn constipation.

Constipation could be as a result of the formula used in feeding the baby. Changing the formula used in feeding the baby can cause the baby’s body to take its time before adapting to the new formula.

The current atmospheric temperature. What is the current temperature of your locality? If it is pretty hot, then it might be responsible for your baby’s slower bowel movement.

The number of bowel movements mainly depends on whether the baby is breastfed or on formula. Babies on breast milk tend to poop more frequently. Newborn constipation is when a baby does not poop for over a week and the feces is hard. Constipation can be due to not eating enough, what the baby is …

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Proper Hearing Health Care to Bust Myths in Hearing Loss Hearing loss is a common disorder now a day and people should be aware that this kind of condition could affect anybody at any age. Meaning to say, one could be affected from the time of his or her birth until that person’s adulthood stage. Studies have shown that 3 out of every 1,000 new born babies have some form of hearing impairment. Hearing loss can either be congenital which basically means that it has occurred during the time of birth or it can also be acquired which means that it occurred at any point in life.

Once a person have learned or have acknowledge that he or she has some form of hearing loss and decided to practice some kind of hearing health care, that person will begin to receive different kinds of advice whether it was solicited or unsolicited from any family, friends and medical personnel. Some of the given information and advice can be accurate but huge amount of misinformation could also be circulated and passed over the years. It is important to know the different myths that were passed around so that a person would know …

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Phonak Hearing Aids- The Best Hearing Aids That You Can Have Sometimes it becomes real frustrating when you could not get the sounds near you with clear precision. Well, it may be the case with any ordinary hearing device. There are end numbers of difficulties that can come with an ordinary hearing device. Sometimes the battery may not work properly, sometimes the sound is not very clear and so many other problems arise with such devices. In such a situation you will love to pay any amount to get the best device for you.

There is actually an end to your search when you know about the Phonak Hearing Aids. This is in real sense the best hearing aid that can fulfill all your requirements. There are so many latest features added in this device which make it the true companion for your ears. Here are some the best points about Phonak hearing aids which will let you know its quality,

1.This hearing aid is designed with such a perfection that you will never worried about using it all the time. You can easily get used to it and will be able to wear it comfortably all the time. There …

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Eyelid Surgery – Aesthetic And Orbital There are two kinds of eye – surgery that are important and asked for by patients: aesthetic surgery and orbital surgery for the eyelid. The former is for cosmetic enhancement reasons while the second is usually done for medical reason. Both are important and popular in the surgeon, or oculoplastician.

Aesthetic surgery is undergone for cosmetic reasons. In some rare cases patients might have been involved in an accident where the eyelid was maligned in some way. For the most part however, the most common reason while an individual will undergo aesthetic eyelid surgery is to enhance the appearance of their eyes. Many Asians are born with mono eyelids and use the procedure as a way to have more Western looking eyes with a double eyelid. Another reason for an aesthetic surgery is when sometimes the eyeball is too large for the eye lid to cover completely.

During these instances the eyelid will then be stretched in order for it to cover more space. Many patients that opt for vision surgery also have some other sort of skin defect or lesions that happen to occur around the eye area. Because the eye is such …

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Robotic Therapy Devices Improve Quality of Life For Stroke Survivors According to a research report featured in Physical Therapy “Stroke is the most prevalent cause of adult-onset disability in the United States. An estimated 5.8 million people who have had a stroke have residual neurological deficits.” At 6 months post-stroke, most individuals recovering from stroke cannot incorporate their affected extremity into daily activities, which is likely to reduce the stroke survivor’s perceived quality of life.

This article will discuss multiple forms of stroke therapy including how robotic therapy devices may be an adjunct or viable alternative to the delivery of intensive repetitive task practice therapy to enhance hand or foot function recovery for stroke survivors.

Repetitive task practice therapy, frequently used in a constraint-induced movement therapy regimen, has been proven to improve hand and foot functions as well as quality of life in stroke survivors. Repetitive task practice consists of breaking down tasks into specific segments. These segments are then practiced individually until they can be successfully completed. Afterward, the patient practices integrating the individual segments into an entire task.

Repetitive task practice therapy has been proven to be successful. However, this therapy is extremely labor-intensive, costly and, unfortunately, can …

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What Are Some Of The Elements Needed In A Strong Toothpaste For Bad Breath Given the fact that we are so busy and we have lots of duties to undertake in a single day, many things are sacrificed like extensive oral care. People typically only brush their teeth in the morning and at night while, in the meantime, they are eating during the course of the day which will likely generate a problem involving bad breath.

There are some individuals who will use a public restroom to brush their teeth during the day but we only see them every once in awhile. If you don’t wish to have bad breath when you’re around others, steps have to be taken to ensure the breath is as good as possible. It is doing these times of not being in the position to do anything about our breath that we need the protection of a good toothpaste to help us. If we find the appropriate toothpaste for bad breath then we can speak to people without being embarrassed.

The first thing to do when selecting a toothpaste for bad breath is to learn exactly what are the typical denominators found in them. In …

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Causes And Home Remedies For Asthma – Prevent Asthmatic Attacks Asthma is a disorder affecting the air ways of the lungs or bronchioles. Chronic inflammation of the air ways makes a person asthmatic. When a person is attacked by asthma, the air ways or passages of lungs become swollen and filled with mucus. This leads to narrowing of the air ways. Also the muscles with in air ways contract and the air ways are further narrowed down. The narrowing of air ways results in much difficulty in exhaling or breathing out air. As asthmatic attack restricts or obstructs the exhalation of air, it is also known as obstructive pulmonary disease. Asthma is more severe in childhood and youth and the severity decreases as the person ages. It is not possible to cure asthma, but it can be kept under check. The common symptoms of asthma include breathlessness, wheezing, coughing, and difficulty in speaking and chest tightness.

Causes of Asthma

An asthmatic is like to have attacks in response to some common triggers like

1. Inhaling polluted air 2. Exposure to tobacco 3. Exposure to wood smoke 4. Inhaling respiratory irritants like certain perfumes. 5. Acid reflux 6. Exposure to cold …

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