Knowledge And Understanding About Diabetes

Knowledge And Understanding About Diabetes On account of metabolic disorder when your body stop producing or using insulin then it is known as diabetes. Insulin is a hormone that does the work of converting sugar, food and starches into energy. For healthy lifestyle body is required to maintain optimum level of blood glucose with the combination of insulin and glucagon. For producing energy glucagon hormone releases glucose from liver to the blood streams. Few common symptoms of diabetes include continuous feeling of hunger and thirst, drowsiness, quick exhaustion and weight loss. Most common symptom of diabetes is slow healing of wounds and possible anaemia.

Diet schedule and type of food you are taking daily play prime role in controlling diabetes . Overeating leading to obesity is one of the main causes of this disease. You should avoid taking more than required quantity of sugar as it is greatly responsible for this disease in people. Sometimes is can also be on account of hereditary factors. Food containing high sugar like cookies, ice cream, some soft drinks and sweets are very harmful for diabetic people. If you are suffering from diabetes then you should keep yourself away from taking white sugar. If you have any other disease then being it a diabetic can aggravate this problem.

Following are given some tips which can assist you to keep diabetes under control

  • Include low calorie and low fat food in your diet.
  • Take more and more quantity of raw vegetables and herbs so as to enhance production of insulin.
  • Take complete care of yourself and do not injure yourself as healing can take time. It can even be worse if not healed properly at time.
  • Diabetes can affect eye vision, so take required care of eyes.
  • Practice yoga regularly.
  • Do regular exercise and you can also indulge in common exercises like swimming, jogging, walking and cycling as it can assist you in controlling diabetes.
  • Avoid indulging in day-time sleeping habit

Diabetes is not such a disease which can?t be cured. If you take proper care of your diet and lifestyle then you can easily manage diabetes.

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