Proper Hearing Health Care to Bust Myths in Hearing Loss

Proper Hearing Health Care to Bust Myths in Hearing Loss Hearing loss is a common disorder now a day and people should be aware that this kind of condition could affect anybody at any age. Meaning to say, one could be affected from the time of his or her birth until that person’s adulthood stage. Studies have shown that 3 out of every 1,000 new born babies have some form of hearing impairment. Hearing loss can either be congenital which basically means that it has occurred during the time of birth or it can also be acquired which means that it occurred at any point in life.

Once a person have learned or have acknowledge that he or she has some form of hearing loss and decided to practice some kind of hearing health care, that person will begin to receive different kinds of advice whether it was solicited or unsolicited from any family, friends and medical personnel. Some of the given information and advice can be accurate but huge amount of misinformation could also be circulated and passed over the years. It is important to know the different myths that were passed around so that a person would know what kind of proper hearing health care he or she should apply.

Here are some common myths about hearing loss that every person should be aware of:

Answer: In the United States alone, there are about 28 million reported patients who are suffering from hearing loss. Meaning to say, 1 in every 10 people is affected. Chances are you or someone you know has some sort of hearing impairment or hearing loss especially if you are above 55 years old.

Myth: “I will not ask for help because most hearing problems can’t be treated or can be helped in any way. ”

Answer: 3 or 4 decades ago that information could actually be correct. But now a day, with the help of modern technologies and innovations around the globe, 90% of any form of hearing impairment or hearing loss can be helped. Hearing loss that was caused by aging as well as due to noise exposure is now very responsive to a lot of treatment with the use of technically advanced instruments for hearing.

Myth: “Hearing loss and any form of hearing impairment is not a big deal.”

Answer: You wouldn’t know the feeling and effects of hearing loss if you are not experiencing it or if you don’t know anyone who are suffering from this kind of condition. Hearing loss can cause a lot of psychological effects such as frustration, depression and withdrawal from any social gatherings. When you are hearing impaired, you will have trouble and difficulties in communicating with other people and this could create a strain and tension on your relationship. This kind of condition can also lower your self esteem or worst, it can be source of losing your confidence. It is better to do something and deal with this than to pretend that you don’t know it is already happening.

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