Eyelid Surgery – Aesthetic And Orbital

Eyelid Surgery – Aesthetic And Orbital There are two kinds of eye – surgery that are important and asked for by patients: aesthetic surgery and orbital surgery for the eyelid. The former is for cosmetic enhancement reasons while the second is usually done for medical reason. Both are important and popular in the surgeon, or oculoplastician.

Aesthetic surgery is undergone for cosmetic reasons. In some rare cases patients might have been involved in an accident where the eyelid was maligned in some way. For the most part however, the most common reason while an individual will undergo aesthetic eyelid surgery is to enhance the appearance of their eyes. Many Asians are born with mono eyelids and use the procedure as a way to have more Western looking eyes with a double eyelid. Another reason for an aesthetic surgery is when sometimes the eyeball is too large for the eye lid to cover completely.

During these instances the eyelid will then be stretched in order for it to cover more space. Many patients that opt for vision surgery also have some other sort of skin defect or lesions that happen to occur around the eye area. Because the eye is such a sensitive area that even if it’s a skin or dermatologist problem, an experienced oculoplastician will still have to perform the procedure since they will know best what kind of precautions to take in order to protect the eyes.

Orbital surgery is catered to cure the backend problems of the vision. Everything pertaining to the eye socket that houses the eyeball is considered orbital surgery. Grave’s disease is the common disease that requires orbital decompression surgery to cure. A patient that has the condition has over-active thyroid problems and has the appearance of eye muscles that swell. Since the eye socket is made of bone the swelling has to be accommodated somehow. The only way is for the eye to push forward into a protruded position.

For some individuals this shift is very noticeable. Orbital decompression surgery involves removing the bone from the eye socket in order to make more room for the vision. That way the swollen tissue has more space to breathe and allows the eye to move back into its normal position. Orbital surgery is usually permanent since thyroid problems are permanent as well. An individual would not choose to have this reason if they were not first plagued with swollen visionballs though.

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