Why Scare of Hearing Loss? With regard to hearing loss, people can be born with it or it can develop in time but both ways it can be a problem. When it comes to a hearing impairment, it can be a complete or partial inability to detect sounds. People who have problems with hearing find it relatively more challenging to function day in and day out.

It is possible for hearing loss at birth to lead to other problems especially when it comes to the speech and language function. Sign language can be a possible alternative considering how we learn language through our ears and babies with this kind of problem do not easily develop their speech. With regard to gradual hearing loss problems in adults, such can lead to bouts with depression because it tends to affect the person more on a psychological level.

Considering a loss of hearing in people, this can lead to problems. In this case, you might not hear a person who calls you from across the hall. If someone cracks a joke when you are in a group you might not hear his remark.

It is by the age of 20 when people born with complete hearing abilities experience a gradual change in their hearing. For hearing loss, it develops with the passage of time and by the time you reach your senior years, you may not be hearing all that well but you need not be afraid for you will not go completely deaf. A lot of people grow very afraid of growing old because they overlook this fact.

There are lots of things that can lead to a hearing impairment. This is a problem that can result from a person’s genes but several external factors can also cause this. Here, something as simple as listening to your MP3 player day in and day out can be the reason for your hearing handicap later on in life.

The first kind of hearing loss is CHL or conductive hearing loss and there are two types to consider. For this kind of hearing loss, a mechanical problem exists in your outer or middle ear. Taking this into consideration, it is possible that your ear drum does not vibrate in response to sound or your ear bones might be having some difficulty in conducting sound.

Taking a conductive loss of hearing into consideration, fluid in the ears can cause it. What you should always consider doing is to wipe off any excess liquid in your ear area after you swim or bathe. Never forget to do this for ignorance can lead to serious problems later on.

If the problem is in the area of the inner ear, what you have is the second kind of hearing loss which is SHL or sensorineural hearing loss. In this case, it is possible that the tiny hair cells inside your ear may not be functioning properly. Considering these two types, CHL can be treated and can be reversed but SHL is often permanent.

Like earlier mentioned, for temporary hearing loss, the most common culprit in children and adults alike is fluid in the ear. A severe hearing impairment can develop if the fluid remains in the ear for months at a time. Considering your ears, practice extreme caution.

Other than congenital causes for a loss of hearing, infections can also lead to such a problem. When it comes to the common infections that often result to a hearing problem, these include the measles, meningitis, scarlet fever, and the mumps. In this case, if you want to maintain your good sense of hearing all your life, you need to protect your ears at all times.

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