Which Diabetes Disease Treatment Works Best For You?

Which Diabetes Disease Treatment Works Best For You? Hmmm you have the diabetes disease. What are your options for care? Should you take drugs? What part does diet and exercise play in recovery? What will make the most sense to you may not be best for someone else. This article will provide one basic remedy for people that do not want to take drugs. My own personal experience of utilizing a few remedies has shown me what makes a difference for me.

What I would say, having tried a few different remedies makes the most sense is to handle your diet. Your diet got you here in the first place. Your diet can help to get you out of this problem. For me this has been the most significant change ion my diabetes disease.

Why do you think I started to get better?
The more I listened to people tell their success stories the more I heard one frequent thread in all the stories. That common strand of information was changing your diet. But because I like to eat just about everything, I was slow to get on the dietary band wagon. When I saw an acupuncturist in Allendale New Jersey named Susanna Ewn my life changed. She shot straight with me. She told me that if I did not change my eating behavior I could face some serious or dangerous problems.

Changing my diet has worked for me. Here is my list of beneficial things to do to help you with your diabetes disease. In my order of preference.

1 Start eating better – Watch your fat, carbohydrate and sugar intake.
2 Exercise on a regular basis
3 Take the stress out of your life as best you can

These are my top three. Your situation is different than mine. By doing what works for you will keep yourself on the track to better health

For some people it is important to be comfortable with what they are doing. I do not know if this is the best way to go. When I first got serious about addressing this problem I did what was very comfortable for me. I took some herbs. Fenugreek and Gymnema and a blood sugar reducer. And while it worked to some degree it did not lower my blood sugar enough for me to be safe. I needed something more.

Taking your diet to a new place will help you with your diabetes disease. If learning from some of the best by makes sense to you then go grab your free e course.

Be careful what you eat. Because you have the diabetes disease it is time to be sensitive about food. If you would like to discover some good eating tips then grab your free e course.

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