The First Steps for a Person to Get Braces

The process of getting braces can be a tricky one, especially if you aren’t prepared for what’s in store. That’s why it’s a good idea to have a Denver Orthodontist tell you what they do and if you’re a good candidate.

The following are the initial steps when someone is about to get orthodontic braces.


If you’re going to an orthodontist for the first time after a referral from your regular dentist, you’ll likely have a consultation. No actual planning happens here. You’ll talk about your dental history, they’ll evaluate your teeth, and then recommend a course of treatment. Make sure to bring x-rays with you from your dentist and ask any questions you have.

Before Getting Treatment

Your orthodontist may suggest that you get any periodontal issues taken care of before you have your braces put on. It’s also important to get a cleaning while you’re waiting for a treatment plan to be put in place. This way, they’ll ensure that your braces will attach to your teeth properly. Also, floss and brush before you have your braces appointment, since they’ll have to use a polishing paste if they aren’t clean enough at the time.

The First Visit

At the first actual visit, you’ll probably have x-rays taken if you haven’t gotten any recently. The orthodontist also might put spacers in your mouth to prepare for braces if you have tight spacing between any teeth.

Next, an accurate mold will be made of your teeth. The orthodontist will take an impression of them by having you bite on a tray that has soft impression material. Another way to do this is to take a digital scan of your mouth. This is a cast of your teeth.

Know What to Expect

Expect that it will take between about 90 to 120 minutes to have your braces put on your teeth. There will be some discomfort. You may find that your teeth feel sensitive after you have done this. You might take over-the-counter medications to deal with any sores as you’re getting used to them.

An orthodontist who knows the ins and outs of the process of putting in braces will make you feel at ease with getting them. You can talk over the options available to you and what will happen before, during, and afterward. Hopefully, this will lower your stress about getting braces.

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