Know Whether You Have Sinus Headache Symptom First of all let’s define what sinus headache symptoms are. Sinus headache symptoms consist of deep and excruciating (sharp) pain in front of face and head. This happens due to swelling in sinuses. Now what are sinuses? Sinuses are cavities filled with air surrounding your eyes, nose and cheeks. Whenever you bend down, this pain generally worsens. Sinus headache symptoms begin as you wake up in the morning due to collection of mucus and gradually reduce by noon. Diagnosis of sinus headache symptoms is difficult due to its similarity with migraines and tension headaches. But migraines are due to noise and there is a feeling of nausea in it. Some of the sinus headache symptoms are tender face, temperature changes (from hot to cold or cold to hot).

These symptoms generally start after a bad cold which includes sneezing, runny nose and itching. Sinus headache symptoms are due to sinusitis which refers to swelling and congestion of sinuses. Other sinus headache symptoms include sore throat, running discharge from nose, swollen nose, fever and feeling tired. What are the causes of sinus headache symptoms or sinusitis? A respiratory tract infection such as flu and …

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Balloon Sinuplasty And Its Benefits in The Treatment of Sinus Balloon sinuplastyis a procedure with the help of which patients suffering from sinusitis can breathe easily. Sinusitis is a very common problem and millions of people suffer from this disease. If you are a sufferer of chronic sinusitis and numerous medications have failed to cure you, then you should certainly opt for this technique. The good news is that the technique is perfectly safe as it has been approved by FDA. Many people suffer from various types of allergies. Factors like emotional stress, pregnancy can also aggravate nasal congestion which further adds to the problem of sinusitis. So, patients who suffer from this problem should definitely try the method of balloon sinuplasty for immediate and permanent relief.

The Technique of Balloon Sinuplasty

With the advancement in science and technology, the medical experts have come up with a highly effective treatment to sure sinusitis and it is called baloon sinuplasty. It is basically an uncomplicated outpatient surgery and local anesthesia is used in the procedure. In this method, a catheter is inserted into the patient’s nostril to clear the blockage. A tiny balloon filled with air is attached to the tip …

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