Know Whether You Have Sinus Headache Symptom

Know Whether You Have Sinus Headache Symptom First of all let’s define what sinus headache symptoms are. Sinus headache symptoms consist of deep and excruciating (sharp) pain in front of face and head. This happens due to swelling in sinuses. Now what are sinuses? Sinuses are cavities filled with air surrounding your eyes, nose and cheeks. Whenever you bend down, this pain generally worsens. Sinus headache symptoms begin as you wake up in the morning due to collection of mucus and gradually reduce by noon. Diagnosis of sinus headache symptoms is difficult due to its similarity with migraines and tension headaches. But migraines are due to noise and there is a feeling of nausea in it. Some of the sinus headache symptoms are tender face, temperature changes (from hot to cold or cold to hot).

These symptoms generally start after a bad cold which includes sneezing, runny nose and itching. Sinus headache symptoms are due to sinusitis which refers to swelling and congestion of sinuses. Other sinus headache symptoms include sore throat, running discharge from nose, swollen nose, fever and feeling tired. What are the causes of sinus headache symptoms or sinusitis? A respiratory tract infection such as flu and cold, allergies like asthma, high altitude, swimming, frequent driving, nasal tumor etc. Swollen sinuses do not allow air circulation and block the mucus so that it cannot drain. This helps to develop bacteria. If you can identify these symptoms, then visit a doctor. You can also be suspected and diagnosed for severe sinusitis.

An ENT specialist will do nasal checkup for your sinuses. You can also take antibiotics or you can use nasal sprays (salty water into nasal passages). You should do the full course of medication as prescribed by the doctor. Don’t stop the medication in between. It can take few days to get relief from sinus headache symptoms. These are also available with all the chemists. You can also take steam. But make sure you stay in the room at least for two hours after taking the steam. Otherwise it will worsen the sinus. You can also use relaxation techniques like stretching your neck and head.

You can also take food supplements for treating it but only the supervision of a doctor as these can have side effects. Severe sinusitis cannot be treated by medicines. You have to undergo surgery by which bone spurs are removed. This is done by an ENT specialist.

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