Tactical Hearing Protection With Ear Plugs For Army Continuous exposure to loud noise can cause damage to the auditory canal and is most commonly seen in people who work in industries, airport tarmac etc. Apart from hearing impairment exposure to noise can also cause high blood pressure, muscle tension, migraine, headaches, irritability, insomnia, increased aggression and psychological disorders.

According to theOccupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), employers are required to reduce noise at the source through engineering solutions and if it is not possible or economically feasible it is acceptable to use hearing protection devices as a temporary solution. These hearing protection devices protect the ear drum against loud noise but the challenge is to find the right HPD for the environment.

A large number of soldiers returning from war report of hearing loss due to being exposed to gunshot and explosions to machinery and heavy vehicle noise. Many of them refuse to wear their hearing protection devices (HPDs) because they feel that earplugs interfere with their ability to detect and focus on the enemy and their friends. The detection problem can easily be handled with electronic devices with low-noise microphones. Research also shows that the single biggest reason why …

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Mask Respirators Crucial For Respiratory Protection Mask respirators are crucial for respiratory protection. Respiratory protection as well as safety is warranted in warehouses and industrial areas where there are harmful gases emanated and workplace can expose a person to a wide range of hazardous substances that may prove to be very harmful to the body. These substances may be airborne and also difficult to be detected until and unless the air is tested. In a few cases, the airborne toxins, after entering into the body may prove to be highly fatal and in some cases may also cause permanent health problems. It is for such job profiles that the mask respirators become a mandatory feature.

With the help of the different types of respirators one can avoid the devastating effect of the damaging particulates as well as chemical vapors that one is prone to breathing in the workplace. There are the disposable respirators as well as the air purifying respirators. You may select from either of the two depending upon the requirement your job has and provide for yourself the protection that is needed while at work.

You may select from tight sealing and light weight respirators and use specific …

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Advanced Hearing Protection Device For Acoustically Challenging Environments Auditory trauma is the result of constant noise in the work place. Persistent exposure to intense noise for a long time can cause irreparable damage to human hearing. Some of the major health hazards caused by noise, as suggested by experts, are permanent hearing loss, high blood pressure, muscle tension, migraine, headaches, irritability, insomnia, increased aggression and psychological disorders

Hence the ears must be protected against occupational hearing loss. High intensity noise has traditionally been associated with airplanes, helicopters, heavy industries, drilling sites etc.

People working in such high noise environments use hearing protection devices (HPD) like earmuffs and earplugs. The performance of these hearing protection devices depends on many parameters, the most important being the size of the acoustic leak. Recent developments in minimizing the size of the acoustic leak in both earplugs and earmuffs have led to improved attenuation performance.

These hearing protection devices play a key role in any high level noise environment and the challenge is to find ways to select and use the right hearing protection devices (HPD) more effectively. Today’s innovatively designed HPD’s deliver a total high noise communication solution for people who require a modest …

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