Tactical Hearing Protection With Ear Plugs For Army

Tactical Hearing Protection With Ear Plugs For Army Continuous exposure to loud noise can cause damage to the auditory canal and is most commonly seen in people who work in industries, airport tarmac etc. Apart from hearing impairment exposure to noise can also cause high blood pressure, muscle tension, migraine, headaches, irritability, insomnia, increased aggression and psychological disorders.

According to theOccupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), employers are required to reduce noise at the source through engineering solutions and if it is not possible or economically feasible it is acceptable to use hearing protection devices as a temporary solution. These hearing protection devices protect the ear drum against loud noise but the challenge is to find the right HPD for the environment.

A large number of soldiers returning from war report of hearing loss due to being exposed to gunshot and explosions to machinery and heavy vehicle noise. Many of them refuse to wear their hearing protection devices (HPDs) because they feel that earplugs interfere with their ability to detect and focus on the enemy and their friends. The detection problem can easily be handled with electronic devices with low-noise microphones. Research also shows that the single biggest reason why people remove or avoid wearing hearing protection is the need to communicate with others.

There is a need for an industrial ear plugsproduct solution for all military noise environments that provides a unique added benefit of enabling clear communication via two-way, mobile and face to face.

They also demandhearing protection devices that have high level of comfort, excellent noise reduction properties as well as ease of insertion. Ear plugs should be easy to administer and offers a high level of hygiene. These plugs should provide excellent attenuation and meets with employee acceptance. There are many kinds of ear plugs, each type suited to different levels of noise and activities.

Your ears require a certain type of ear plug with different noise reduction ratings (also known as NRRs). Apart from effective hearing protection, these ear plugs should grant the ability to communicate with people face to face and on two way radios effectively. Earplugs lower background noise to a safe level, enabling users to maintain situational awareness and identify the direction of speech, which is critical for safety.

With noise induced hearing Loss (NIHL) now rated as the world’s largest occupational illness by the World health Organization (WHO), military should procure hearing protection devices that can provide for all the above right from comfort to situational awareness.

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