Stroke Symptoms for Women For some time the belief that women and men have different symptoms for heart attack. Men oppressive chest pain that runs along the left flank – the classic symptoms of codes. Women, the theory does not. This problem has always been that no one can say how women can feel. Tell what my heart attack symptoms in women. Cardiologists Make a dozen get a dozen different answers. Another symptom consistent with – or lack thereof – it stated that women had no chest pain. After birth, chest pain, NO I think not.

One possibility is of course more women than men. I have no proof, but you know what would have been able to develop an episode, I do not think so. I think women feel discomfort in the chest of a heart attack, but not what they feel pain as men. Study of 10 December 2007 in the Archives of Internal Medicine reviewed 69 studies in the data center, etc.. The authors found that 25% of 33% of patients – men and women – to go for emergency acute coronary syndrome (a group of heart problems, such as assault) reported that no pain or discomfort. Fewer women than men reported feeling chest pain, in this study.

Million dollars a word that here reported. This means that women do not experience chest pain, not necessarily. This means that the woman said nothing, and could still do with the presence of a woman or absence of pain. This is of course possible that some patients in the studies – both men and women – not to mention chest pain, no pain in the back, hands, or under pressure, or breathing difficulties for nothing. All these different ways to interpret the signals into the brains of the disaster, the heart is. Chest pain or chest pain, no – that’s it! Women can and pain, all symptoms of a heart attack than men.

One thing to remember when the Internet trying to figure out whether it is a strange feeling in the chest, arm or neck surfing, do not worry: If you care enough to be here to look for information, it’s time to go to the hospital . Men and women have a heart attack without chest pain. Men and women can have heart attacks, similar to a heart attack symptoms that you have read about how local newspapers in the month. If you have problems on the trunk or arms, or center back or center of the chest, and not wait until the heart stops showed that a heart attack. Maybe one day someone discovered what are the differences between men and women in terms of a heart attack. Of course you can explore the differences between diabetes and without diabetes, different cultures, middle-aged and older … You get the picture. You never know how things will get a heart attack, as before.

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