Stress Impact on Heart And How to Counteract

Stress Impact on Heart And How to Counteract I know you have heard and read a lot about stress and stress relief programs. But if that information has just left you bundles of knowledge without action then you probably be experiencing more stress than ever before. Stress is a normal part in our lives indeed. It can be a minor problem or a major life changes. You cannot eliminate stress. But the good news is you can learn how to manage and regulate the harm it can cause by regulating your heartbeat.

Understanding How Stress Relates to Heart Disease

Every person experience stress differently. Some people get tensed and cant’ do anything and for some, they space out, and show very little energy. We have a common knowledge that more stress which is emotional can increase the risk of heart disease. Even though there is no direct evidence for stress leading heat disease/attach, researchers had found that chronic stress is one of the most common factors for increase in high blood pressure and heart diseases.

Understanding Heart and Stress (emotional) Relation

Have you ever tried to measure your heart rate/beat? One of the best practices to find heart-rate changes is to examine your heart beat response when certain words or emotions are said. For example when you watch a car chase or action thriller in a movie you will find it speeds up. When you feel stressed, or get emotionally excited, your heart speeds up. In some moments you may feel your heart skip a beat occasionally or feel it flutter. All these are all quite common in nature and are generally harmless. But if your heartbeat is too slow or too fast you may have an underlying disease.

Stress impact on heart was no more a hypothesis but a scientifically proven fact. YSM, a world renown center for biomedical research, education and advanced health care stated that – the way people think, feel, and act as they cope with the daily stresses of life can have a profound-and sometimes deadly-effect on their hearts.

Counteract Stress

In this modern-day life, stress is more developed through mental demands rather physical works. Whatever be the source for your stress, the risks associated with it can be modified by following heart relaxation techniques, which are further advanced than normal relaxation and breathing techniques.

HeartMath is one such scientific program that helps you manage stress and avoid emotional, psychological, and problems, including heart disease, high blood pressure, chest pains, or irregular heartbeats, which you can do it all by yourself. HeartMath techniques also include a step in which you are instructed to do heart-focused breathing that helps you defuse stress and enhance inner harmony.

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