Prevent Diabetes And More With These 4 Tyrosol Ester Benefits

Prevent Diabetes And More With These 4 Tyrosol Ester Benefits The tyrosol esters are a group of phytonutrients (plant based nutrients with health boosting properties) that can only be sourced from olives and olive oil. Research has revealed that they may prevent diabetes, protect your skin cells from ultraviolet (UV) damage and more. In this article I will be focussing on this topic and listing 4 tyrosol ester benefits.


As you age you become more susceptible to mental disorders. The good news is that early evidence suggests the tyrosol esters may be able to negate this age related decline by preventing Alzheimer’s disease (a mental disorder that leads to problems with memory, speech and thought) and Parkinson’s disease (a mental disorder that causes mobility and speech problems). However, additional evidence is needed before these protective properties can be validated.


Free radicals are dangerous substances that enter the body’s cells during oxygen related reactions. They have been linked with cancer (a disease where your body’s cells start to grow in a rapid, out of control way), diabetes, premature ageing and a weak immune system. Fortunately, the tyrosol esters are all potent antioxidants (substances that keep your body’s cells safe from free radicals) and can help you avoid these harmful effects.


Diabetes is a dangerous health disorder which develops when either your body’s cells stop responding to insulin (a hormone that allows your body’s cells to take glucose from the blood) or your pancreas fails to produce enough insulin. It leads to your blood glucose levels becoming dangerously high and if left untreated it can seriously damage your body’s cells and vital organs. The good news is that early studies indicate that the tyrosol esters may be able to fight diabetes. However, additional studies are needed before this can be confirmed.


UV rays are invisible rays of energy that come from the sun. They can damage your skin cells and in the worst cases lead to the development of skin cancer. Fortunately, early evidence indicates that the tyrosol esters may be able to shield you from these harmful rays. However, further research is required before these protective effects can be confirmed.


Although the tyrosol ester benefits are still not fully understood, you should make every effort possible to include olives and olive oil in your diet. Early studies indicate that the tyrosol esters in these foods have some serious protective properties and could give your overall health a real boost.

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