How Lower Cholesterol Is Possible And How To Achieve It

How Lower Cholesterol Is Possible And How To Achieve It I remember the first time I was told by a doctor that I had high cholesterol. I was 28, (which was about 13 years ago) in excellent shape and in the military. The doctor told me that I needed to lower my cholesterol before it became to serious, but at that time I had no clue as to what was cholesterol and how to lower it. The doctor then proceeded to tell me how lower cholesterol is possible through diet and exercise.

He then gave me a brochure about cholesterol and sent me on my way. So, here I was left on my own to figure out this cholesterol thing and what I could do about it. Being the kind of person that I am, I wasn’t going to let this defeat me. Somehow someway I was going to figure out how I could get this cholesterol thing under control.

Over the next several weeks, then months and now years I have researched and have discovered several different ways to successfully lower my cholesterol. Now, at the young age of 41, I am going to share with you how lower cholesterol is possible and all the different ways I found over the years to achieve it.

One thing I found, during my years of research, is that high cholesterol is a result of several different factors and that all of them, except two, is under our control. The first factor I will cover that affects cholesterol levels is diet.

Of all of the factors that affects cholesterol levels diet is the most important. One of the biggest steps you can take to change your diet is to avoid foods that are high in saturated fat. Foods that fall into this category are things such as red meat, processed meat, whole dairy products and baked goods. Now, I’m not saying that you should become a vegetarian and avoid these types of foods altogether, but instead you should consider healthier alternatives or at the very least limit your intake.

The next factor is exercise, or should I say the lack of exercise. This one is probably the hardest for most people to do because of hectic schedules and lack of time. Also, truth be known, most people just plain do not like to exercise. So, what I suggest you should start off doing is what I like to refer to as “indirect exercise.” Basically it’s just a change in your regular routine that involves physical activity that will increase your heart rate.

For example, you can take the stairs instead of the elevator or if you live close enough, you could walk to work. At lunch go for a walk to stretch your legs and get some fresh air. When you get home from work, take just 10 to 15 minutes and do a quick stretch or yoga routine. These are just a few examples of the changes in your regular routine that can make a big difference in your overall health and cholesterol levels. Who knows, you might even find that you enjoy it and would like to start doing an exercise routine on a regular basis.

The next two factors that you don’t have any control over is your age and genetics. As you get older you have a greater risk for high cholesterol and unfortunately for some of us, we have high cholesterol due to genetics. What that means is basically your liver tends to overproduce LDL or bad cholesterol. Now, don’t worry because although we don’t have any control o ver our age and genetics you still have control over your diet and exercise.

I hope now you can see how lower cholesterol is possible through proper diet and exercise. If you just make a few simple changes to your lifestyle it can make a significant impact on your overall health and cholesterol levels.

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