Don’t Wake Me Up I’ve Just Had A Stroke!

Don’t Wake Me Up I’ve Just Had A Stroke! My stroke was mild compared to some of the ones suffered by the patients at the special rehabilitation facility. I have resided here for the last six weeks immersed in a rehab program. A few days before Christmas last year I awoke to find my right leg wasn’t operating correctly. Thinking I must have slept on it the wrong way, I went about my morning routine.

This is one of the warning signs of a stroke that you can recognize if you’re awake, but since I was asleep when it occurred, I will call it a result of a stroke. I was too dumb to realize that the coffee cup I was trying to lift was heavier than ordinary. It wasn’t until the telephone rang and I tried to speak that I knew I was trouble. Instead of ‘hello’, the caller was greeted with ‘haaaaaa.”

I noticed that my right eye wasn’t working correctly, leaving me with blurred vision. I had difficulty keeping objects in focus, but chalked it off to still being asleep.

I had trouble walking, dragging my right foot when I started down the hallway to the bathroom. Looking in the mirror, I noticed that the right side of my face was sagging unnaturally.

Another symptom I ignored was the numbness on the right side of the body. I’m fairly healthy and didn’t think the feeling was all that bad. I then did something that I definitely should not have done. I thought that the unusual things would go away, so I didn’t go to the hospital right away, but waited for a few hours.

At no time was I in pain. I didn’t have the blinding headache that many stroke patients endure. I may have had one in my sleep, but it didn’t wake me, making me think that I had nothing to fear.

From there, the rest of the day went downhill. After deciding I could wait no longer, I went to the hospital where they ran a battery of tests, including an MRI that showed I had had a stroke during the night. Not really a lot of fun, a stroke has to do with a stoppage of blood to the brain. This interruption denies oxygen and nutrients to the brain.

The stroke occurred on the left side of the brain, affecting the right side of my body. There were several indications that something was not right. If I had not been asleep when they occurred, I would have called them symptoms.

Brain cells begin to die within minutes of being deprived of consistent blood flow. Since then I have discovered that there is a three hour window in which the blood clot can be dissolve by medicine, therefore limiting the damage.

This time limit now seems to be extended to four and one-half hours, which is lucky for me because I don’t have any brain cells to spare. It seemed then that as the hours went by, the symptoms got worse, but I know now it was brain cells dying; thankfully not enough to prevent from writing this article.

Quite seriously, a stroke of any proportion is a dreadful occurrence and fast attention by a doctor can literally save a person’s life. If I had rushed to the hospital, it is conceivable that I would have spent very little time in rehab. As it is, I will be escaping tomorrow, thankful that I’m not a drooling vegetable

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