Don’t Wake Me Up I’ve Just Had A Stroke! My stroke was mild compared to some of the ones suffered by the patients at the special rehabilitation facility. I have resided here for the last six weeks immersed in a rehab program. A few days before Christmas last year I awoke to find my right leg wasn’t operating correctly. Thinking I must have slept on it the wrong way, I went about my morning routine.

This is one of the warning signs of a stroke that you can recognize if you’re awake, but since I was asleep when it occurred, I will call it a result of a stroke. I was too dumb to realize that the coffee cup I was trying to lift was heavier than ordinary. It wasn’t until the telephone rang and I tried to speak that I knew I was trouble. Instead of ‘hello’, the caller was greeted with ‘haaaaaa.”

I noticed that my right eye wasn’t working correctly, leaving me with blurred vision. I had difficulty keeping objects in focus, but chalked it off to still being asleep.

I had trouble walking, dragging my right foot when I started down the hallway to the bathroom. …

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