Why Consider Having a Brighter Smile with the Use of Clear Aligners?

Why Consider Having a Brighter Smile with the Use of Clear Aligners? Most people are more familiar with traditional orthodontic techniques. When you speak of correcting misalignments and malpositions, most patients understand treatment to follow the course that involves the use of dental braces (brackets, archwires and rubber ligatures). Collectively, when adhered to the teeth, the smile can be aligned and made more aesthetically appealing, but not without the discomfort and pain that is usually involved with such procedures, not to mention the very unsightly appearance given by brackets whether it is made of metal or ceramic.

The problem with traditional orthodontic techniques is that for the length of the treatment, a patient will have no choice but to endure the embarrassing and painful experience. In essence, the course of treatment should bring great results in the end, and many patients would not mind going through with the treatment because they know that the results will be beneficial to them, but with the introduction of a more aesthetic treatment, patients are afforded with some advantage.

Invisible Orthodontic

Today, patients with varying orthodontic concerns can enjoy a more beautiful smile without having to go through the experience of having braces. Instead, he can straighten his smile, correct misalignments such as crowding, spacing and rotations through clear aligners.

Invisalign is an example of this treatment, and unlike traditional techniques, orthodontic movement is initiated through the use of invisible trays. Treatments rely on more precise diagnostic methods, and through the collected data, the treatment course is designated. The treatment involves the prescription of wearing a set of aligners (twelve or more) depending on the severity of the case. It could be prescribed to the upper, lower or both arches, to correct minor bite and occlusion issues.

Patients will be instructed to wear the clear aligners, while following a specific schedule and each aligner shall initiate a precise movement that will collectively bring all the teeth into its proper position. At the end of the treatment, a patient will be able to enjoy a more beautiful smile.

Clear Aligners vs. Braces

While the cases that clear aligners are able to tackle are fairly limited given the mechanism involved with the technique, when the case is indicated and you are given the choice to opt for invisible braces through clear aligners, you should consider this course of treatment because of the following benefits:

  • It is a more aesthetically appealing alternative to ugly metal or ceramic dental appliances. Patients do not have to be “metal mouths”. So for patients with careers prohibiting them to go through traditional orthodontic options, they can seek treatment without having to worry about the appearance of their smile during the course of treatment.
  • It is easier to clean. When you brush your teeth, you can take it out and practice regular oral hygiene measures as you ought to, without worrying about dental brackets, wires and rubbers getting in the way.
  • With traditional orthodontics, you will need to get used to eating with the appliance in your mouth. Clear aligners can be removed, so they can eat normally, and enjoy all kinds of food.
  • Without the brackets, wires and rubbers attached to every tooth surfaces, your mouth is definitely going feel freer and not trapped as it is with dental braces.

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