What Teeth Straightening Treatment Is Right For Me?

What Teeth Straightening Treatment Is Right For Me? Thanks to modern technology, there are now more straightening options to choose from than ever before. As orthodontic science advances and treatments become increasingly affordable to everyday people, it is becoming harder to choose which option is best. To make the decision a little easier, the team at Sunshine Coast Orthodontics, headed by the eminent Dr Lesley Short, have put together a brief overview of the available treatments.

Metal BracesThe tried and tested metal brace is still the go-to treatment for many orthodontists. Offering unparalleled versatility and effectiveness, these old favourites are ideal in most situations. Fixing almost any type of crooked, misaligned or wrongly spaced teeth, metal braces are only let down by their appearance and cleaning difficulty.

Ceramic BracesEssentially the same thing as metal braces, ceramic braces offer the advantage of using tooth-coloured parts, which makes them far less noticeable. However, due to their white colour, they can sometimes soak up pigments from food, making them appear yellow. This can be overcome by choosing coloured ceramic, which is always a hit with younger patients.

InvisalignInstead of wires and fittings, Invisalign uses clear mouthpiece aligners to train teeth into the correct position. The patient wears an ever-changing series of transparent retainers, which apply constant force to straighten the teeth. Aside from the obvious cosmetic advantages, this system, being removable, allows for normal brushing and flossing, which means less likelihood of decay or other associated damage.

Lingual BracesPlaced on the inner side of the teeth, these braces are invisible to those around you. Although they are slightly less versatile than standard metal braces, lingual appliances are just as strong. Less bulky than traditional “traintrack” style braces, these attachments are quite a popular choice for those who do not have appropriate teeth for Invisalign.

To find out more about teeth straightening and other dental treatments, get in touch with Dr Short and the Sunshine Coast Orthodontics team. With only the very latest techniques and equipment at their disposal, there are few dental problems they can’t solve.

Sunshine Coast Orthodontics is a state of the art clinic based in Noosa. Orthodontist Sunshine Coast offers the most up to date techniques, materials and equipment. The clinic is owned and run by leading specialist Dr. Lesley Short. Dr. Short has over 20 years experience and has also worked teaching graduate orthodontists in one of Canada’s leading universities.

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