The Most Common Hearing Aids Types

The Most Common Hearing Aids Types Hearing aids types have evolved over time due to advancement in technology. The size and components are getting smaller, and the sound amplifications on an upward trend. In addition, children with hearing loss have an easier time because of customization of the pieces depending on the individual’s ear size. It is also possible to get pieces that do not cover the whole canal, unlike earlier devices. The basic function of all devices is the same because they have the microphone to capture the sound in form of electric waves, the amplifier to turn these waves into sound and increase their volume for the speaker.

One of the oldest and longest serving hearing aids types is Behind the Ear. It is a two-piece device in that the person wears one behind the ear attached to the other piece that goes into the canal. The other piece carries the microphone and transmits the waves to the inner one that houses the amplifier and it sends the signal lower into the speaker. Parents prefer this for their infants because it is easy to notice when it is out of place. Since this piece takes the whole space, it might malfunction if the person is sweating a lot and clogs up the amplifier. In addition, this piece is visible and this has been the main disadvantage especially for people who do not want to shout that they have hearing loss.

Instead of this piece, people opt for hearing aids types that are slightly inconspicuous like the In the Ear device. The attachment is in the canal and this increases sound clarity. It does not have to occupy the whole area because the manufacturers can customize it as wanted. It suits all kinds of hearing losses.

If these hearing aids types are not the preferred options so far, the invisible hearing aids becomes the next choice. It is modern and allows the person to control who can or cannot know about the hearing loss. This is because this piece houses the microphone, amplifier and the speaker deeper into the canal. It is a common choice for the older generation especially because of its sound clarity is outstanding.

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