The Many Uses of Hearing Aids At least three million schoolchildren in the US have impaired hearing. The trouble with these statistics is that they tell us how many but not whom. It is never understood that Johnny Jones or Mary Smith need the help. The American Hearing Society got the three million by applying the number of children with impaired hearing in certain tested areas to the total school population across the country. Children that live in the rest of the states that do not require hearing tests will go on with the rest of their lives not having been diagnosed with a hearing problem.

Due to the lack of knowledge with the illness that they have, many children will do their best to be part of the normal society. These kids are taunted most of the time and are called names like stupid. Not only are these kids afraid to tell others about what they are feeling but also because they assume they are normal. In line with this there was once a boy who was deathly afraid of telling anyone what he was suffering from. This kid is now silent most of the time due to a fever he suffered from when he was three.

Due to this when he would be given an instruction he would be unable to respond. Spanking was what his father did to him every time he was unable to do what he was told to. His mother would call him absent minded most of the time. When she told home to do something she was near shouting. When she was finally heard, he did the task. It will only take a little impression then he will obey what you have to say.

In school the boy did not play with the other children too well. He had no trouble accomplishing school work since he was naturally smart. In the state that the boy lived in it was really up to the people if they wanted to get hearing tests or not. At 9 years old the school did some audiometer tests.

It was then seen that due to the infection from the fever he had he was hearing problems. A hearing aid is what helps him hear better these days. His hearing can also be better with some medical help.

Not all hearing loss cases will have a happy ending. Even if there is a state law requiring testing and even if it is properly enforced, treatment does not automatically follow. Usually the problems lie with the treatment of the hearing loss says a head from the New York League for the Hard of Hearing. You test, you put a card in the file, and you go somewhere else to test. Neither the parents nor the school will do any follow ups on this. It can sometime be too late for the illness to be reduced. The person most likely to spot this problem is the mother.

A mother should do it before their child enters school. A child’s reaction to sound will be a dead giveaway in knowing if a problem exist of not. Many moms will find this task hard. With the aid of home hearing test it is easier for mothers to follow up the hearing of their child. Does your baby react to sudden noises like a telephone ringing, a door banging, loud clapping of hands, dogs barking? He should be able to, with normal hearing. Most likely a child will have hearing problems when they do not hear things like one who comes in their room. Some danger signals will include discharges or odors from your child’s ear, or deformities or swellings in or about the external ear canal. A child that is old enough will surely react if you call them from another room when they hear well. Normal talking will be the result of normal hearing. Children will be silent if they are unable to hear what is going on around them.

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