The Benefits Of Air Optix Aqua Soft Contact Lenses

Air Optix Aqua is a breathable and comfortable contact lens. Made by Ciba Vision, it’s a contact lens that lets in five times more oxygen than ordinary soft contacts. These contacts are made of lotrafilcon A silicone hydrogel, a substance made up of 24 percent water. They are exceptionally breathable, which means they allow oxygen to flow through the material of the lens and thus give the wearer greater comfort. They also hold in moisture to fight that scratchy, dry eyed feeling some contact lenses can give to the wearer. The surface of the lenses are also extremely smooth and make it hard for deposits to cling to them. This allows them to be worn far longer than other soft contact lenses.

There are several types of Air Optix contact lenses. They are:

For Astigmatism

These contacts are for people who have a condition where objects seem out of focus and distorted.

For Multifocal

These contact lenses are like bifocal glasses and can help older people who are beginning to be a bit farsighted. These lenses help them with reading or other close work without them having to take the lenses out or suffer other inconvenience when they have to look into the distance.

For Night and Day

Traditional contact lenses really shouldn’t be worn all night long while a person sleeps, but these Air Optix contacts can be worn by people who do doze off during the day. They can even be worn continuously. They transmit oxygen more effectively than any comparable soft contact and can be worn for 30 nights in a row, even though a person’s eye doctor might not recommend such extended wear. If a person keeps the lenses in for that long they shouldn’t wear them for at least one night after they’ve been taken out, to allow the eyes to rest.

The lenses should be replaced after a month. Since they’re sold in multipacks, they’re easy to replace.

Though Air Optix contact lenses are very comfortable, the wearer still should see their eye doctor for check ups. As people age their eyes invariably change and sometimes the changes can be so subtle that only an eye doctor can detect them. Some eye problems, indeed, have no symptoms until something goes badly and irreversibly wrong with the eye.

Air Optix contacts have to be cared for and cleaned like any other contact lens between insertions and the wearer should wear protective goggles when playing sports. One benefit that comes with contact lenses is that the wearer not only doesn’t have to worry about damaging their glasses, but their peripheral vision might actually improve, giving them an edge.

Some conditions disqualify a person from wearing Air Optix contacts. They shouldn’t be worn when the person has an eye infection or if their eyes are swollen or inflamed. They shouldn’t wear them if their eye is diseased, injured or excessively dry. They shouldn’t wear them if they have an autoimmune disease or suffer from certain allergies, nor should they wear them if they’re on certain kinds of medications, especially medications for the eye.

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