The ABCs of Ear Tinnitus Do you often hear a ringing sound without knowing where it is coming from? Does it happen so frequently that it already disturbs you from performing your daily duties? This condition is referred to as ear tinnitus. What is tinnitus?

Although it is commonly thought of as a disease, tinnitus is actually a symptom. It is characterized by a ringing sound with no actual external source. The sound can vary from various sounds such as swishing. In most cases, ear tinnitus does not cause any problem. In fact, nearly 36 million people in the United States experience tinnitus. It can be negligible up to a certain intensity.

A number of ear disorders could potentially lead to tinnitus. Ear infections, the presence of foreign objects in the ear, and the build up of ear wax are among them. It can also be an adverse reaction caused by certain medications. It is quite difficult to treat tinnitus as it is a subjective phenomenon. Generally, the ringing sound can only be heard by the patient himself. The intensity of ear tinnitus can not be measured objectively using an audiometric test. It is only measured clinically based on the rate at which it disturbs your daily routine.

Tinnitus is usually associated with hearing impairment. The sound can arise anywhere in the ear whether it is in the inner ear, middle ear, or the outer ear. But the common cause of tinnitus is a damaged nerve ending. Once the free ends of the cranial nerve for hearing is damaged, a person would most likely experience tinnitus. External factors can lead to tinnitus. These days, intense cacophony greatly contributes to tinnitus. As a person ages, it is only natural for his hearing ability to degenerate. The cranial nerves in his inner ear will also be more vulnerable to damage. As such, a huge number of elderly people experience this symptom. Because many people are not aware of the ill effects of loud noises, more and more individuals experience ear tinnitus. There is no actual cure for this condition as it is only a symptom. The best way to resolve the problem is to try to determine any hearing disorders that might cause the condition.

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