A Woman Who Had it All A lady doctor achieved her golden career by passing a roundabout route, following her purpose firmly even if she did take time out for some quirks in life. However, as we go back to high school, we see that she was not so single minded back then. As a local high school girl, she was divided between taking up medicine or linguistics. Hedging her bets, she took all the sciences along with languages French, English and Spanish. This girl, whose forte is communication, sought her Spanish teacher’s advice in making her final choice. This is what her teacher told her while you can be a doctor who is also a language expert, you cannot simply be a physician on the side.

Her A-level subjects, pursued at the local community college, were therefore exclusively science subjects. She found the results to be discouraging after two years but this did not stop her. She only passed in her favorite area which was Chemistry.

She entered the university through the back door of Natural Sciences with the intention of transferring to medicine on her second year. She claims to have enjoyed this point in her life but …

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