What Is Hemorrhagic Stroke? The information about hemorrhagic stroke should be focused on the symptoms of stroke, causes, risk factors, diagnosis, complications and treatments. This condition is just a form of Brain Stroke that results to drastic outcomes. Brain has several protective layers; the Dura matter and most especially the skull that encloses this organ. At birth, the skull of a person overrides with each other and as the person grows older the skull completely closes which disables the ability of the brain cavity to append its normal volume and pressure.

Hemorrhagic Stroke occurs when there is a seeping of blood from the tissues or blood vessels. Blood that seeps out from its origin causes irritation of the brain tissue and swelling can occur. The blood coming from these sources accumulate and form a hematoma. Since the normal structure of the brain cavity doesn’t include hematoma, the intracranial pressure will then increase. This is due to the pressure that the hematoma causes on the brain tissue that can further result to serious damages on it.

There are various types of Hemorrhagic stroke according to the site where the bleeding occurs. The bleeding can happen in the brain matter, termed as …

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