How Human Growth Hormones Can Help Your Child An HGH supplement, shot, or dose, can help a child grow. There are numerous health conditions that may cause children to suffer from lack of proper growth. In fact, HGH was created for young children that were not growing at the normal rate. In older times the HGH was actually extracted from deceased humans, but now the hormone is created synthetically, making it a safer and more cost effective treatment plan for your child.

Currently there are a few different options for HGH treatments. They can be artificially injected into the body, or pills and medications can be taken to boost the production of HGH in the body. Both are good alternatives for parents that are concerned about their Childs growth. Keep in mind that some side effects are present, but they are normal and most do not cause serious harm.

When HGH Treatment is Recommended For Children

HGH is only recommended for children in small cases. If the child is extremely far behind other children in his or her age range, then HGH is extremely beneficial. This includes being in the lower 5% of all children of the childs age. In …

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