ADHD in Children – Early Diagnosis Low confidence, social isolation, being obese, and a propensity to dependencies – all these are probable courses for kids who have ADHD but have not been properly diagnosed or who have not been diagnosed at all. One may respond, “There is no need to overreact; the child is simply having some issues concentrating in class.” Still, the troubles go beyond the classroom.

With the absence of an early ADHD diagnosis (and likewise treatment) to ADHD, it may lead to additional issues. Like a snowball rolling down a mountain, it begins as an insignificant concern but if not addressed, it is going to gather momentum and ultimately turn into a greater problem out of control.

Why Aren’t the Other Kids Playing with Me?

Take a child is afflicted with ADHD and “timing issues” as an example. At six years, the child enters the first grade. During recess in the school playground, the kids play together. This particular child gets together with the other kids, and is pretty active (just like the others), but because of his ADHD and “Timing Difficulties,” the kid is more slow-moving than the others and the actions may not match up …

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