I’m having a panic attack so it must be real – or is it?

Let me begin by saying I empathise with extreme panic attack victims and I do not want to upset you in any way. I have suffered to some degree myself, albeit for only a small period of time in my life. When you are having an attack, nobody else or what they say matters because it is you who is experiencing it and you are convinced of the worst – right?

Here are some of the more common misbeliefs associated with this condition “I’m going to die from suffocation” You may well feel like you are suffocating, but you will more than likely be breathing fast during your attack, so the reality is you are taking in plenty of air. Myth busted! “I’m having a heart attack” If you are really worried about this, then of course see your doctor. Many times the symptoms associated with a seizure are very much like those experienced by a panic attack.

It is only by learning to recognise the difference you can take control “I’m having a stroke” When your body is making you feel totally out of control …

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