Study Finding Fear of Dentist Can be Passed From Parents to Children, Beverly Hills Dentist Comments

Study Finding Fear of Dentist Can be Passed From Parents to Children, Beverly Hills Dentist Comments Even though it is something everyone must go through, dental examinations are often feared and reviled by many. While advanced treatment and procedures are being developed to make a visit to the dentist less uncomfortable, the dental office can still be a scary place to a small child not yet accustomed to oral examinations.

Because children often look to their parents for comfort, a new study reinforces the important role parents can play in calming the nerves of a nervous child. Researchers have recently found that fear of the dentist may have the ability to transfer from parent to child. As a leader in breakthrough procedures, trusted Beverly Hills Dentist Dr. Alex Farnoosh is the top choice for a comfortable dental exam. “I understand that many people may have a fear of the dentist,” says Dr. Alex Farnoosh, “but it is my goal to put patients at ease by offering a comprehensive plan and procedure for each patient and to make them feel at home here.”

Published in the International Journal of Paediatric Dentistry, the study found that if there was a high level of fear in one family member, higher levels of fear were also present in the rest of the family. Additionally, the study found that children seemed to be more influenced by the emotional cues presented by their fathers. Evaluating 183 children between the ages of 7 and 12, along with their parents, researchers noticed that children presented higher levels of fear if one or both parents also presented negative emotional reactions.

Study authors also noted that children paid more attention to their father’s reactions than their mother’s. One study author America Lara Sacido noted that the results “…should be interpreted with due caution…” but are telling in what they reveal about emotional influence from parent to child. The report further advises that parents should display positive emotions when visiting the dentist to assist in calming nervous children during their visit. Dr. Alex Farnoosh comments, “I often see parents trying to comfort their children if they are nervous during a visit, this study reveals that parents must also act relaxed when they go in for their own visit so that the child can see that.

As a pioneer of revolutionary dental techniques including a lip lowering treatment to fix a gummy smile and gum bleaching to treat discolored dark gums, Dr. Alex Farnoosh is at the pinnacle of advanced oral wellness. He is a specialist in periodontal and cosmetic procedures for both adults and children. “Because maintaining good oral health habits in adulthood are cemented in childhood, this research further reinforces the importance regular dental visits. It could keep one healthier throughout their entire lives.”

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