Sing to Reduce Stress Different people has their own way of dealing stress and panic and for many people, singing is the best stress relief. When people opt for singing to reduce stress, it is not to say that their singing skills are very good and they should hold a concert. In fact, a lot of people who choose to sing to relieve stress cannot even hold a note. Singing allows your brain to release endorphins. This also happens when you exercise. With both of these activities you are deep breathing which gives you extra oxygen to the brain, helps you think more clearly and reduces stress. Yet, this does not deter them from doing it again for they know that they often feel better after singing out loud. Therefore, this is one of the reasons why karaoke is ever so popular, especially among those working people as the levels of stress they are constantly facing are too much.

You might call it screaming or screeching but for them, it is singing even though their singings are out of tune and terrible. However, it is a better form of stress relief as compared to retail therapy which put a terrible hole in the wallet. In fact, there is no harm done when people are singing to reduce stress. Compared to retail therapy where they opt to buy things to reduce stress, there is very little money involved for singing. Singing can change your emotional state. For some people it is easier to break into song than it is to create positive self talk.

Ongoing research in alternative and complementary medicine is examining the healing role of singing regarding chronic pain management. There are some who do not use singing as stress relief but are really into singing. For them, they might not have what it takes to be the next American Idol or being the winner in some other singing competitions but they still want to live out the lives of the famous singers. Where can they do so other than just to sing out loud? They just want to try it out and feel what it is like to be a famous singer. It is just some harmless dream that they want to realize. So, be it stress reducing or dream realizing, singing is a fun activity.

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