Palm Springs Upper Eyelid Lift

Palm Springs Upper Eyelid Lift Why would something as simple as a Palm Springs upper eyelid lift make such a difference in a woman’s life? The Palm Springs upper eyelid lift allows the receiver of it to appear years younger. In turn, renewed vitality is the result. Certainly, the renewed vitality is psychological; however, who cannot use a lift, whether that lift is an upper eyelid lift Palm Springs or a psychological lift? The two go hand-in-hand.

So what is involved in a Palm Springs upper eyelid lift and why is it needed?

Droopy eyelids can occur as you age. There are some individuals who are born with eyelids which droop. In either occurrence, an upper eyelid lift Palm Springs is recommended.

An upper eyelid lift is generally performed while you are awake. You are given medicine to alleviate anxiety. The surgeon injects numbing agents around the eye: you do not feel any pain as a result

Tiny cuts are made into the natural creases of the eyelids. The surgeon then takes care to perform removal of loosened skin and fatty tissue. The eyelid muscles are tightened and the surgeon performs suturing of the area. You do not need to stay in the Hospital overnight to have the procedure performed. The surgery of an upper eyelid lift is conducted right in the Doctor’s office or on an outpatient basis at a healthcare facility or cosmetic center. Also, you can have your upper eyelid lift Palm Springs with other forms of cosmetic surgery. Note: upper eyelid lifts are not designed to remove wrinkles around the eye; or take care of dark circles. The lift is designed to take care solely of sagging eyelids, detrimental to proper vision, or which would be better removed in order to improve upon the patient’s general appearance.

Once the surgery is completed there is some insignificant scarring which occurs. The scarring is a light pink for approximately six months or more after surgery is complete. Eventually the scars fade away. The youthful appearance provided by lifting your eyelids lasts for many years. The results of an upper eyelid lift are permanent for a good majority of patients.

You can normally return home the same day after surgery is complete, as briefly stated above. Before you depart to go home, the doctor or attendant covers your eyelids with a special ointment and bandage. You more than likely will experience the feeling of tightness in the area; and the area will also be sore, especially when the agents used to numb the area start to wear away. You can control any pain with the proper medication; prescribed by the physician.

It is a good idea, in the interim, to keep your head held high as much as you can for a number of days after the surgery. Also, have on hand ice packs or cold packs in order to take down area swelling and minimize any bruising. Your physician may suggest you use eye drops in order to keep the eye area from feeling itchy or in reducing burning sensations.

Your vision should be normal enough within two or three days of the procedure. Naturally, do not wear your contact lenses for a period of two weeks afterwards. It is also advisable to keep your activity level to a minimum for three to five days after the procedure. Do not do anything too physically demanding that may raise your level of blood pressure for approximately three weeks. Physical forms of exertion to avoid include activities where you lift, bend or participate in highly active sports.

The doctor takes out the stitches approximately two days to a week after the procedure is performed. Once the stitches are removed, you will notice some slight bruising which can last from two weeks to a month. You may be subject to an increase in watery eyes; experience sensitivity to light and wind. There may be some visionary changes however only temporary such as blurred vision or double-vision. These temporary changes in vision happen for the first couple of weeks; however, dissipate soon after the time period stated.

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