Mesotherapy Medicine Effective Cellulite Treatment Or Snake Oil?

Mesotherapy Medicine Effective Cellulite Treatment Or Snake Oil? Mesotherapy has been practiced in Europe successfully for over a decade and is now becoming one of the hottest new cellulite reduction procedured being requested in American Medi-spas and doctors offices. Along with its rising popularity has come questions about its proven effectiveness and scientific rigor supporting claims of its ability to melt fat and reduce cellulite deposits.

Mesotherapy Cellulite Treatment involves the use of medication compounds injected right into localized areas of the skin for fast absorbsion into the dermis layer. This fairly new procedure has rapidly become the latest trend for eliminating localized fat deposits and cellulite. Some new studies suggest it may also have some anti-aging benefits. Mesotherapy claims to work by delivering tiny amounts of all natural extracts of vitamins and other pharmaceutical agents directly into the dermis, which then starts to melt away the fat deposits trapped inside the dermis layer which form part of the cellulite problem. It also claims to improve circulation, repair weakened connective skin tissue and improve lymphatic drainage.

After an injection of the mesotharapy medication, practictioners claim your body will begin the process of stimulation and start to heal itself. Mesotherapy is usually practiced to target localized areas on the body for cellulite treatment, however it can also be used over the entire body for overall fat reduction. Mesotherapy is virtually painless with little or no side effects other than possible bruising or swelling which will usually last about a week and clear up. Comprehensive scientific studies on the effectiveness of Mesotherapy at reducing fat and cellulite is limited in the established medical community. Mesotherapy has been practiced in European cities for well over a decade with generally positive overall annecdotal results and has also reported a good safety track record.

Mesotherapy is a well practiced cellulite reduction procedure that can help thousands of people every day in the treatment of cellulite and has been accepted as a standard procedure in most European anti aging skin care clinics for the last decade. This hot new way of treating cellulite may cost less than other more invasive cosmetic cellulite treatments, and overall is generally considered to be quite safe if performed by skilled practictioners that provide the highest grade of injectible ingredients. The cost for Mesotherapy will depend on the location or area of where you live and doctor?s fees for this treatment will vary. Most patients start to see actually improvement with as little as a couple of treatments. As with any treatment you should consult your health practictioners and not be afraid of seeking second opinions.

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