Know Your Myopia Types Treatment Causes And Preventions

Know Your Myopia Types Treatment Causes And Preventions Myopia is nearsightedness or short-sightedness, which is basically when an individual can’t see far away clearly as well as they can see up close. Myopia control or short-sightedness control is done through reading glasses, center and distance bi-focals, contact lenses and scleral reinforcement surgery.

Myopia Treatment

Myopia treatment or short-sightedness treatment is managed with eyeglasses, contact lenses and refractive surgery. There are also lens implants, pinhole glasses and alternative medicine that is used in different situations, like relaxation methods and eye exercises.

High Myopia

High Myopia is when the individual suffers severely from this condition and seeing far away is almost totally impossible. In a case like this the person would receive an extremely strong prescription for eyeglasses or contact lenses. In many cases contact lenses are preferred because the lenses tend to stick to the cornea and it allows the cornea to move and the lens moves with it, which can reduce the vision side effect that many suffer from with severe myopia.

Causes and Preventions

The only way to ward off the severity of this short sightedness is to read with sufficient lighting, don’t read very small lettering, study with enough lighting and take several breaks. Rest your eyes at night and during the day. The cause of nearsightedness can be inherited but it is also from environmental factors as well.


This disorder can start as early as three years of age and children don’t usually complain, but their teacher may notice that they are constantly getting g closer and closer to the board to see the writing. A child should have their eyes checked periodically, every six months early on then every year to two years after that. For mostly kids this ailment is inherited and if it is very common in families where the mom or dad suffers from this as well.

Eye Health

Consistently taking care of the eyes is essential for avoiding severe conditions with the eyes. Always get enough rest, use enough lighting, were shades in the sun, use a glare screen for the computer and take breaks, let your eyes rest after strenuous activity. The more we take care of our eyes the longer we will have healthy eyesight. Whether it is a child or an adult, having difficulty seeing objects far away is crucial and everyone should have their eyes examined regularly and eyeglasses are no longer the only option there are contacts and laser treatment that is quickly becoming more of a preferred treatment.

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