Know How To Treat Chronic Asthma

Know How To Treat Chronic Asthma Asthma is a condition that should not be taken lightly. It is a difficult condition that makes life measurable. It’s a debilitating disease that affects thousands of people. However, more and more people are getting aware of the disease but still it has become a common problem.

Asthma is a chronic inflammation of lungs in which airways get narrowed and inflamed. Its attacks are triggered by some specific conditions in the environment. Pollens, dust, dog and cat hairs can also contribute in influencing chronic asthma in some people while many people are resistant to rodents, and cockroaches etc. the symptoms of this can be mild, moderate or severe. An affected person feels problems such as constriction in the chest; breathing becomes difficult, wheezing, coughing etc. Chronic asthma can be classified into atopic and non- atopic. Genetic and environmental factors contribute to the problem. Smoking also contributes in triggering conditions. Prevention can be obtained by avoiding triggers such as allergens, irritants etc.

There are many things by which a person can get prevention from chronic asthma. However, in some cases it can be severe and there is no known way of treating severe condition of asthma. Here are some points buy which prevention can be obtained such as:

  • Avoiding polluted air
  • Don’t do excess exercise
  • Avoid allergens
  • Intake of vitamins and supplements
  • Taking prescribed medication

There may be numerous causes of chronic asthma. Its common causes include family history, allergies and exposure to certain infections in the young age.

  • Asthma can get worsen at night or in the early morning. Many people rarely experience any symptom of this while other feel obstruction in the airflow.
  • Eczema and hay fever are its common risk factors. History of atopic disease is the strongest risk factor of this.
  • Hey fever increases the risk of developing asthma five times. Allergic asthma is associated with the sensitivity to allergens.
  • Some certain respiratory infections are co-related with asthma.
  • Psychological stress is also considered as a trigger to asthma. Its symptoms may arise during exercise, smoke, menstrual cycles, at night, weather change, viral infection, pollen etc. The chronic inflammation can cause a major attack of chronic asthma.

The treatment strategy used for asthma can differs from age to age. The purpose of this strategy is that, the affected person can get relief and lead a normal life. It helps in the proper functioning of lungs.

There is no treatment available that can help to get rid of completely from chronic asthma. However, by making some lifestyle changes the severity of the condition can be reduced and the patient can live a better life. Sedentary lifestyle and smoking is very much responsible for causing the condition. A good nutritious diet plan which is full of vitamins and other nutritional values can help to treat the condition.

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