How to Prevent From Heat Stroke

How to Prevent From Heat Stroke Men’s body is of high intelligent and can change to different weather conditions for running. When it is hot, the vascular will enlarge and make blood run smoothly. So they can release heat to the air, this may be why some people’s face turn red after running.

If the body function is normal and keep stable, there will not be other changes. But in the condition that temperature continues increase, body will use its potential energy – sweat. At high temperature; the sweat glands create more than three quarts of sweat per hour to moisten the body. Generally speaking, body can keep normal temperature by sweat evaporation. But it is not always the case. A person, such as runners, engaged in intense exercise in hot climates is easier to encounter special problems. Because they produce more heat than standstill people. If the body’s temperature control mechanism can not bring the temperature down low enough, three situations can occur. Generally they are heat cramps, heat exhaustion and heat stroke. Heat cramps.

This will occur to the small calf, and usually is the signal of problems. Sports experts deemed that take into enough salt, or foods rich in salt will prevent this occasion. However, many others insist more salt is unnecessary. Some runners even do not add salt to meals, after finishing a long race, they have the appearance of skin sweat oozing salt crystals. They think that we have enough salt though do not add extra amounts. I do not eat a lot of salt, and never felt an increase in the need for salt intake is necessary, which is only for reference. I think this all depends to different people, our body situations are all different, so the result will be different.

Heat exhaustion. Part of this happening is due to reduction of body fluids (sweat results). Partly is due to of the body’s cooling system convey excessive blood to the skin, This is a corresponding reduction in the supply of blood flow to the brain, the results lead to confusion or even loss of consciousness. The heat exhaustion may cause a series of problems like circuit device in power lines.

Heat stroke. When heat stroke, high body temperature – up to one hundred and ten degrees Fahrenheit is a common phenomenon – the skin is often (but not always) hot, dry. Symptoms are dizziness, vomiting, diarrhea, and confusion.

If you see a runner or you are troubled by heat cramps, the role of massage can play a relieve role, in addition, drink a half glass of salt water every fifteen minutes continuously for about an hour, you can restore the body’s chemical balance. For heat exhaustion, let patients to drink salt water with above method. Lie him down, you may lift the legs, up to 8-12 inches. Untie the clothes buttons; cool down with wet cloth. If heat stroke, immediately brush with cold water or alcohol, or place the patients in cold water to reduce its body temperature. Immediate cure is key.

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