Foods That Can Keep Asthma at Bay

Foods That Can Keep Asthma at Bay Asthma is a major disease these days as it is hurriedly gripping many a people. Stress, diets, environmental factors are many that could cause along with food allergies too as even they can account for a 5% effect.

But, in this write-up and in the context of the same, let’s see some of the food types that could keep asthma at bay. Yes, other than just popping up asthma cure pills, taking some natural foods without the worries of side-effects could be taken .

Fruits and vegetables- it has been proved in many surveys and studies that people or children eating a considerably higher amount of vegetables and fruits are less likely to be affected by asthma. Asthma sufferers who take up plenty of veggies and fruits are more likely to take a better control of asthma. A diet rich in tomatoes, apples, nuts, grapes and olive oil could also protect from asthma.

Start getting some healthy fats- Simply eating a red meat diet (Saturated fats) could keep you in the danger zone of enhancing the disease. Thus, try to indulge in some healthy fats laced diets such as fish, chicken and turkey with leaner cuts and also try to shun the use of read meat and beef.

Increase the intake of vitamin E- Other studies have proved that having a diet rich in vitamin E could also cut the risk of triggering an breathing attack . Vitamin E could be found in almonds, vegetable oils, peanuts, whole grains, avocado and green leafy veggies.

Try managing food allergies and increase the intake of magnesium- if you are allergic to a food type, try to keep it under control and also the intake of magnesium in your diet as it can prevent asthma. Some of the sources of magnesium are legumes, seeds, nuts, prunes, whole-grain cereals, green veggies and wheat germ. Try to keep processed foods away as magnesium is lost when its refined.

Lose weight- Being obese and overweight are two factors that could increase the chances of an asthma attack by up to 50%. Try to lose weight and keep a strict vigil on your increasing weight and waistline as it could to lead to various diseases based complications.

Eat correctly when expecting- it is quite clear that eating certain foods during the course of pregnancy can put the developing fetus in the womb at a higher risk of getting asthma. An expecting mother shall ensure to have a diet rich in apples, fish and the Mediterranean diet to cut the risk of asthma in their babies. If one is having the history of asthma, an apt consultation from a qualified doctor becomes a must.

Thus, other than just relying on a conventional asthma cure, why not to give chance to the above listed food based easy methods to keep the adversities of asthma at bay! Simply implement these best practices and see the asthma’s effects getting reduced by up to 50%. All the best.

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