Facts About Asthma Attacks Asthma attack is experience by almost 30,000 people every day in the United States. What they do not know is that 11 people die every day because of asthma. Number of death cases due to asthma increases even if the government is spending billions of dollars for asthma prescription medications. When a person has asthma, the airways or breathing tubes to their lungs are sensitive to one or more things that are known as asthma triggers. These triggers can be smoke, paint fumes, molds, pollen, animal dander, certain foods weather changes, weather or others like getting too emotional or exercising.

There are three things that can happen when people are experiencing an asthma attack. First, the inside of your airways will begin to swell and it will become more sensitive. It will result to the blocking of air to your lungs. Air will not have any room to get back and forth to your lungs. Second, the muscles that are located around the outside layer of your airways will start to tighten. The muscles will try to squeeze your airways to shut. It will result to smaller airways and air will not get to your lungs. Third, the airways inside the body will be filled with gunk or phlegm. This will start to block the already small airways and it will become harder to breathe.

Every asthma attack is not the same as the other. There will be instances that the asthma attack is only mild and there will be times that it will be severe. The duration of the attack will also be different. There will be times that it will be slower and very quickly the next. When an asthma attack will occur, there are certain symptoms that will occur. Here are some of the symptoms that may occur. * Wheezing * Tightness in the chest * Coughing * Shortness of breath These are some of the facts about asthma attacks. If you know these things, then you may be able to handle asthma once it occurs.

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