Dental Implants in Kolkata Beneficial Over Denture

Dental Implants in Kolkata Beneficial Over Denture At times, the teeth get completely decayed. All the efforts of the dentist to save the teeth prove to be futile. In such circumstance, the only alternative left for the dentist is tooth replacement. The dentist would measure the size of the size of the tooth and manufacture an artificial one. One of the optimum methods discovered by medical science is the treatment of dental implants. The term dental implant refers to the artificial tooth replacement procedure that is used in prosthetic dentistry to hold a replacement tooth or bridge. The dental implants can be done in different methods like, integrated implant where the bone will be incorporated with titanium, implant bridge and implant denture. Basically, the persons who have lost their tooth due to certain disease or injury opt for this treatment. In this process, the other teeth do not require to support the replacement.

Tooth Loss occurs generally in adults. The outlook of the face undergoes a change and it looks very unusual. Moreover, the person might face difficulty in chewing the food. The person may also suffer from the problem of speech fault as he is not able to speak clearly. Dental Implant will not only help in enhancing their beauty but will also boost up their lost confidence. Actually they are artificial tooth composed of biocompatible materials, which are implanted into the jawbone using a painless and simple procedure. Dental implants in Kolkata are custom made to suit your particular oral situation.

According to the dentist in Kolkata dental implants have certain advantages over dentures. They are fixed at their position and you do not need to remove it every time for cleaning purpose. The dentures can become lose and have the tendency to slip. This can create embarrassing situations for the person. Dental implants are highly durable, comfortable and do not disturb the structure of the neighboring teeth. It is important to replace the missing teeth so as to maintain a good oral hygiene. Moreover, it has been proved that missing tooth always weakens the firmness of other teeth.

The cost of dental implants in Kolkata is well within the reach of your pocket. The replaced tooth is just the replica of the extracted tooth. None can differentiate between the two. They resemble in size, structure and color. You can brush them like other teeth. Once you get the implants you do not need to substitute it. There will be no problem in biting or chewing even the hard food articles.

The dentist in Kolkata also conducts various other dental treatments like crowns and bridges, smile designing, cleaning of black teeth and gum treatment. One should pay him the visit at least twice a year. Some people have the wrong notion that it is useless visiting the dentist because he would extract their tooth. However, this simply is not the case. The dentist will extract your tooth when it becomes completely decayed and is also affecting other teeth. Moreover, the method of tooth extraction is also painless owing to the advancement of technology.

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