Dental Implants – Basic Information

Dental Implants – Basic Information Undoubtedly, dental care has seen immense improvement in recent years with new inventions on the floor almost every day. However, millions suffer from various dental problems due to various reasons. The most common problems are tooth decay, gum infection, cavities etc. The lost permanent tooth can never come back naturally, and the only solution left is to consult a doctor for bridges, dentures and dental implants. Out of these options implants are newest and the most preferred method to restore the lost tooth in a painless manner. The topmost dentists of Midtown Manhattan also suggest these methods to those who want or need new tooth/teeth.

What are dental implants?

These are actually replacement tooth roots that provide a strong foundation for a new tooth and hence, support restoration. They appear similar to the natural tooth root and placed within the bone. A number of dental prostheses can be supported by this wonderful technique and these techniques include dentures, bridges or crowns. Most of the implants are made of titanium.

Types of implants

Since our body doesn’t reject titanium implants, the material is considered good for the purpose. Different types of implants are known today:

Blade form implant: Also known as plate form implant, it is a type of endosseous implant (placed in bone). These are flat rectangles of metal and used less frequently than root form implant.

Root-form: These are most popular form of implants and also placed in bone like blade form. They resemble screws and may need surgical procedures for a perfect foundation. Dentists in Manhattan often advise to go for it after examining the conditions of jaws carefully.

Transosseous implant: It is perfect for people who have very little bone in their lower jaw, and those who have no bottom teeth. They are rarely used today as extensive surgery, anesthesia and hospitalization is required.

Ramus Frame: It is perfect for too thin lower jawbone for which root-form is not suitable. This type of implant can also stabilize weak jaws while saving them from fracturing.

Advantages of dental implant

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