Dental Health During Holiday Season

Dental Health During Holiday Season The New Year and Christmas celebrations are much awaited for. These holidays allow us to celebrate these events with our loved ones without worrying about our work. We often find ourselves staying up late, drinking and consuming all types of foods and beverages that we shouldn’t be. With such routines becoming popular and common among many peoples, the Diamond Bar dental agency revealed that the number of dental emergencies have increased substantially. This article discloses some of the most common dental emergencies that have been reported during the holiday season.

Broken teeth

Wondering how one can get broken teeth during holiday celebrations? The dentists in Diamond Bar have been called in for several emergencies involving people walking into glass doors due to blurry vision from excessive consumption of alcohol. Ladies often fall off their high heels, bang their face into clear doors and end up with broken teeth.

Chipped teeth and acute periodontal disease

The holiday season is the one time of the year that we all forget our diets and enjoy the good food. The rare and special delicacies are just too tempting for us to consider the effects they have teeth. As a result, many people during the holiday season end up chipping their teeth because of consuming excessive hard and delicious food items.

The dentists in Diamond Bar also frequently treat people with braces or veneers as holiday food often dislodges them. Furthermore, once the holiday season is over, dentists spend ample time treating patients with over worked gums and teeth. Dentists even state that during the celebrations people often forget or don’t have enough time to brush their teeth even. With such foods, less or no oral hygiene, dental conditions are able to strive.

Flared up root canal, infection or impacted wisdom teeth

During the holidays dentists usually receive calls or e-mails regarding people in immense gum or tooth pain. What is it usually? With all the food and drinks, many people trigger their root canals or get infections or have an affected wisdom tooth.

With such emergencies, dentists in Diamond Bar know that a dental team much be available during the holiday season as anything could happen.

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