Care For a Diabetic Child As we all know that sugar available in the blood of our body is the supreme source of energy and fuel for the regular activities of our body. Insulin secreted by pancreas helps glucose to enter the body cells. In case of type 2 diabetes the body is not in a position to produce sufficient quantity of insulin or on the other hand the body cells are resistant to the effect of insulin.

A large percentage of children populations are affected by the type 2 diabetes. It is quite difficult to adjust a child in the diet especially for diabetic patient. A structured meal is a necessity to keep the blood sugar level under control. It is no way meaning that you have to say no to sweets from your diet. All you need to do is to take all varieties of food in permissible amount to stay fit and healthy. Follow a balanced diet with three important components in it protein, fat and carbohydrate in requisite amount.

In case being a parent you are confused about the diet to offer you child it better to take guidance from a dietician who can assist you well in this regard. Being a child, he will definitely look for something attractive in the meal. All you have to do is to present the food in such a manner that it looks awesome to the child in spite of having all restrictions towards food. You can use carbohydrate counting or food exchanges to maintain an efficiency and correct balance of nutrients in the diet, keeping the blood sugar level in position.

With little bit initiative at our end the children suffering from Type 2 diabetes can enjoy and live a healthy life forever. Select food with low fat constituent while you plan to go out for a dinner in some restaurant. Give yogurt the preference in your meal. while going out for some vacations, please arrange some special food for your child to take away so that when he feel hungry can take it without going for any other unhygienic fat filled food. Monitor the blood glucose level on regular basis to keep a control on it if required. Being a mother and father to the child you should be the one who need to be aware of all the do’s and don’ts for your diabetic child. Let your child leave a healthy life with you love, care and proper food served and cooked especially by you.

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