Breast Augmentation: Enhance Your Breasts

Breast Augmentation: Enhance Your Breasts Many people choose to get breast augmentation to enhance the size of their breasts. If you are uncomfortable with your current size, then you may want to get the surgery done.

More and more individuals are choosing to enhance the size of the breasts. Breast augmentation surgery can change the look of the breast, which in turn can improve your self esteem. The individual can feel more comfortable with their body. Others may want to get breast augmentation surgery if they feel their breasts are misshaped or asymmetric.

Before getting the surgery, you may want to consult with a doctor and ask him or her questions. For example, you may want to ask specifics about the implant. During the consultation period, the doctor will ask you if you want to choose a saline implant or a silicone implant.

During the 1990s the Food and Drug Administration chose to outlaw the use of silicone implants. However, several years ago, the FDA decided that silicone was safe for the body. Silicone implants have a silicone outer shell and the implant has silicone.

Saline implants have a silicone outer shell with saline in the implant. If saline implants rupture, then the saline in the implant will just dissolve into the body. If a silicone implant ruptures then the silicone will go into the body. Since the body cannot break down silicone, this can cause complications if left untreated.

The doctor will also want to decide during the consultation if you want the implant above the breast bone or behind. If you place the implant in front, then this can increase the likelihood of a rupture however if will be easier to remove the implant.

Many individuals complain that if you place it in front then you may be able to see the implant more easily. However if you place the implant behind it may look more natural but it will be a bit more difficult to remove if there is a rupture.

The doctor performs this procedure under a local or a general anesthesia. The doctor will place some incisions around the breast and put the implant under the skin. He or she will then close the incisions. You may have to recuperate either at a hospital, in an outpatient facility or at home.

The recovery period can be a bit long after breast augmentation surgery. You may feel some discomfort within the first month of the surgery. You may also see some swelling around the breast and some bruising around the incisions. However, this should go down with time.

The doctor will put some special dressing around the breasts and ask you to wear a special bra. It is very important to get regular mammograms if you get breast augmentation surgery. There are technicians who specialize in giving mammograms to individuals who have implants, so make sure you go to those individuals, as it can be difficult to detect cancer after the surgery.

Breast augmentation surgery can be great if you are unhappy with your breasts. Before getting the procedure, choose a doctor who you can trust.

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