Body Creams Linked To Cancer

Is This A Healthcare Issue?
What if I told you body lotions and creams were an important healthcare issue? You might not think of them this way, but if they contain the wrong ingredients, they can be hazardous to your health. If they contain the right ingredients, they can help prevent cancer and preserve your appearance.

For instance, did you know that many body creams contain a sunscreen called oxybenzone? Oxybenzone has been shown to increase free radical production, thus increasing your risk of cancer. I thought sunscreens were supposed to help prevent cancer?

Dermatologists suggest we avoid the daily use of sunscreens. So, it seems obvious they should not be included in your body lotion and creams. Yet, it’s become such a popular idea for cosmetic companies to sell hundreds of different products that include SPF ratings.

I Don’t Think My Lotions And Creams Penetrate That Deeply?Wrong!
Some people still maintain that body lotion and creams do not penetrate the pores enough to be detrimental to our health. If this is true, then how can they explain that parabens (common preservatives used in health and beauty aids) have been found in breast cancer tissue samples and urine samples? Parabens are linked to cancer and hormone disruption for goodness sake. Hormone disruption for children is not good, or for anyone for that matter.

Furthermore, some body creams are specifically designed to penetrate through many layers of your skin; which can be good or bad depending on the ingredients. Some are even designed to enter your tiny facial muscles and cause a paralysis similar to Botox. Since experts know this kind of technology is out there, companies should only be allowed to use safe ingredients. Yet, unbelievably, no one has changed the rules.

Surely My Products Are Regulated, Aren’t They? Really
Cosmetic companies are allowed to include practically anything in their body lotion and creams. Scary. Regulations in the United States are simply terrible. Canada and the European Union have far better laws to protect the public. So, it seems the only way to protect yourself is to do a little research of your own.

Okay, What Do I Do To Protect Myself? Your Homework
I will help you get started by sharing some information I have learned. For body creams, you should look for olive, grape seed, and jojoba oil. For daytime facial moisturizers, look for grape seed and palm oil. As for nighttime creams, search for products that include avocado and Shea butter. I’ve also learned honey helps to prevent skin infections when included in body lotion and creams. It also promotes healing and has antioxidant activity.

Antioxidants, such as vitamin E, should be included in all skincare solutions. Antioxidants fight free radical damage, decrease free radical production, and help prevent skin cancer.

The best body creams also contain coenzyme Q10. This is because it is quickly depleted when the skin is exposed to UV radiation from the sun.

The Means To An End?Finally!
Believe me, once you start using body lotions and creams that help you and not hurt you, quickly you will start to see some amazing results with the condition of your skin; face, arms, legs, your whole body inside and out.

Many of us have become so used to run of the mill, below par, poorly regulated products that we’ve conditioned ourselves to believe this is as good as it gets. Or worse, that is all there is available to us. I have to tell you, that is not true.

Look around. You are worth it. The fact is, it gets much better.

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