All Natural Stress Relief Remedies From Maharishi Ayurveda

All Natural Stress Relief Remedies From Maharishi Ayurveda All people hope to achieve emotional balance, a clear state of mind, and a positive way of relieving stress. Ayurvedic tradition dictates that all of creation has three influences called ‘gunas’ that affect the state of mind and being at the same time. These gunas include ‘Sattva’, which is creative and harmonious; ‘Rajas’, which controls movement and activity; and ‘Tamas’, which is slow and inert.

Each person has all of these gunas to some degree and they always interact with each other. Too much of Tamas or Rajas may cause the mind to become disturbed, leading to tension and stress. This is when the body becomes tired. To achieve stress relief, a person must encourage sattva to influence rajas and tamas. All natural remedies are available to help you reach this goal.

An individual can increase sattva through changes in diet, lifestyle, and natural remedies. They may influence which guna takes control. A simple way to heighten sattva is to control the diet and research which foods have a dull, agitating, or harmonizing effect on the mind.


Tamas is a force of destruction that clears out the old and clears the way for the new through sattva. Tamas helps the mind and body to finish actions and thoughts of the other gunas. Every person must have tamas to get to sleep, rest, and relax. Too much tamas will make the mind become depressed and dull while dulling the body as well.

Those with strong tamas usually lead lives that are over the top and self indulgent. They tend to participate in gluttony through all aspects of life like diet, drinking to excess, and bad sexual behavior. People with too much tamas can get easily addicted to drugs.

A mind filled with tamas becomes very dull and confused to the point that they care very little about themselves and their destructive behavior. They cannot choose between the right things and blur their judgment. They are unable to reach any stress relief or balance on their emotional side because of themselves.

Tamasic food does not support life. It includes leftover foods and those that have been fried in oil. It also describes people who eat too many eggs, cheese, meat, and seafood. Alcohol and drugs affect tamas, but also are dangerous to rajas as well. To get things in balance and find relief of stress, a person has to clear the mind with fresh air, peaceful exercise, change the lifestyle, and begin to eat foods that are more sattvic.


Sattva has effects on energy, clarity, and creativity. Qualities include peace, love, and truth. People who are high in this area usually are spiritual, peaceful, and constant in their faith without going overboard. These people do not get angry. Instead, they are content, happy, and humble. Their thoughts are clear and focused. People enjoy their company because they are inspiring, polite, and curious. Someone high in this area understands the benefits for them and what course of action to follow.

Sattva is the most superior of all the gunas. With the inner self, it lets people do good things, think clearly, and act lawfully. A sattvic mind has the representation of an elephant – a creature that is strong, smart, and pure.

Sattva foods that are high in prana are easy on the digestive system and also light. They include clarified butter, honey, fresh fruit, ginger, nuts, vegetables, and seeds. Milk must be taken directly from a cow in a natural environment to be considered sattvic.

To raise the level of sattva, a person must mix sattvic activities and food selection. Activities such as Tai Chi, yoga, and meditation are good examples. Every activity should have the approach of a non goal oriented point of view and practiced in a calm environment. Another vital element is to stay away from stressful individuals and things that are agitating, since they destroy proper emotional balance.


Rajas is responsible for its influence over all movement. Every person must have rajas to get things accomplished, but too much rajas leads to hyperactivity. It also keeps the mind from becoming totally clear and rested. This cam lead to fear and anxiety. Emotional balance and relief from stress can only be achieved when there is a proper amount of rajas.

Too much rajas may also lead to jealousy, aggression, and improper pride and competitiveness. People with too much rajas prefer power and material wealth. They tend to make impulsive moves that are later regretted. They may be categorized as fanatics with a strong desire to change the beliefs of others. Extra drama may follow around an rajastic person.

Rajastic foods usually cause irritation and digestive upset. Sweets, junk food, and heavily processed foods lie in this category. They disrupt the mind and cause agitation.

To achieve balance, an individual must limit their exposure to these types of foods, situations, and people who cause upset. Anything that lessens rajas will heighten sattva.


There are various natural remedies that help to create a sattvic mind. One way to increase the immune system and mental function is Amrit Kalash Ambrosia. It helps to reach emotional balance and relieve stress. Joy will help to get rid of feelings of tension and anger while heightening the body’s own resistance to fear and stress.

A sattvic mind is at peace and in harmony with the environment. Therefore, every person should try to increase sattva through diet, lifestyle, and environment.

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