Free Ebook Details How To Eat In The In Supermarket Jungle A fatal heart attack was produced in a rhesus monkey for the first time in 1959 with just food, Rhesus monkeys never have heart attacks!!!? Free eBook details how to eat in the in SuperMarket jungle, and avoid killer degenerative diseases like, Diabetes, heart disease, atherosclerosis, cerebrovascular disease (stroke) and arterial hypertension.

Chicago, Illinois September 21, 2006. The heart failure was produced strictly by feeding the monkey a high fat/high cholesterol diet. The diet was very much like what many Americans consume every day. We call it SuperMarket Food. It was about 42 percent fat and about a 50th of an ounce of cholesterol per day. After two years on the diet the monkey had developed the characteristic yellow outcroppings (called xanthomas) on his skin, which showed that its atherosclerosis was already well developed.

After two and a half years of feeding, the fatal heart attack happened. The attack was massive, involving about half of his left heart muscle. The heart and the coronary arteries looked just like a human heart looks after such an attack.?

The heart showed many areas of cell death, and the arteries were filled …

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