It is known to all that both photochromic sunglasses and polarized sunglasses can deal with the sunlight, but in different ways. What are their specific features and how can we choose which to buy. In this passage, you will learn some useful information about these two innovations.

On the one hand, both photochromic sunglasses and polarized sunglasses have their reasons to exist in the market and to be madly pursued by the wearers. Respectively speaking, Photochromic sunglasses can modify the color of sun light by the change of the angles of reflection, while polarized sunglasses can reduce the superfluous brightness of the natural sunlight and convert it into something beneficial.

On the other hand, either of them is perfect. As to photochromic sunglasses, they are too expensive that seldom people can afford them although they are handsome in appearance. While as to polarized sunglasses, their functions are too narrowed since nobody wants a pair of tight sunglasses as polarized sunglasses. So it is hard to say which type of sunglasses is superior to the counterpart.

When coming to the problem which one to take. I am sure that the wise will see wisdom for different demands of sunglasses. If you …

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