Yoga For Those That Sit At A Desk Most Of The Day It is important to get up from one’s desk, to help the muscles stretch as well as increase one’s circulation. Sitting all day at the computer also can cause one to get tired and have eye strain issues. There are a number of yoga exercise that can be done for gentle stretching both when sitting. However, in addition to these, it’s a good idea to add in some where one stands up in order to increase circulation.
There is a whole branch of yoga called chair yoga that has specific exercises one can do in a chair. Rolling one’s shoulders forward slowly is beneficial for the neck and shoulder areas.

Do this slowly for a few minutes. Then reverse directions. You will hit some spots you didn’t feel before. Try to keep your mind focused on what you are doing and don’t let it wander to worry about some of your work tasks. A second exercise good to do in a chair is to engage the body with some twists. Twist the whole body to the left and place both of your arms on the left arm of …

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