Hair Care Tips And Hairstyles For Party-goers You can avoid hair styling buildup by rubbing a clarifying shampoo on dry hair weekly. This might sound a little different, but not adding water creates friction that will remove grime. After the application shower and rinse your hair as usual. This is called a hair facial.

How to star style sultry side braids:

1. Spray gel onto damp hair
2. Part the top half in the middle
3. Do two loose French braids on either side
4. Connect the braids
5. Secure with an elastic
6. Gather the rest of your hair into a messy bun

Try this treatment for flaky hair:

1. Dab a cotton ball in mouthwash, run it over strands. The astringent will help remove white specs when you don’t have time to shower
2. To keep off future flakes use a dandruff shampoo, and use a hair scrub weekly

How to keep hair color looking vibrant in hot weather:

1. Use a protective spray to shield the hair from UV damage
2. Use lightly shine-enhancing stylers (like serums) that attract rays
3. Wear a wide elastic headband to help absorb perspiration along your forehead that will dull the …

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