Semi Rimless Eyewear Material Saving Eyewear Recently, there is an argue about the resource exhaustion. The activists claim that the non-renewable resources are in danger now and we should take measures to protect those materials. Indeed, we are risky for depleting the resources at a fast speed and the resources will be used up sooner or later, so we should pay attention to the consumption of materials from now on. Semi rimless eyewear actually responds to the call.

First of all, semi rimless eyewear is accessible because half of the material used on the frame is enough to hold the lenses although the rimmed eyeglasses are much saver without doubt. But imagine that if a pair of semi rimless eyewear can save half material, the whole material used in frame making can be significantly saved. That is a great number of plastic, wood or titanium, no matter what; this is a sustainable means to protect our environment under the basis of not impairing one’s benefits.

What’s more, the wearers won’t feel tired and exhausted when wearing the semi rimless eyewear for a long time because the weight of the frame is halved, and the pressure of the nose is also …

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